Monday, June 17, 2013

Presenting Lun's from Netapp 8 Cluster to VMware ESXi & Configuring Array based replication in VMware SRM

How to present LUN from Netapp Cluster to VMware ESX

This is in continuation to my previous post now in the below video we will see how to present a Lun from a replicated volume to ESXi

 Step 1: Creating a LUN for ESXi on the Netapp Cluster
 Step 2 : Creating a Initiator group for which the LUN has to be mapped
 Step 3 : Choose the Volume from where the LUN has to be created
 Step 4 : Configure the iSCSI initiator on the ESXi server with the target ip address
 Step 5 : Once the volume is detected create a VMFS volume out of the newly presented LUN
 Step 6 : Configure the same on the rest of the ESX servers but no need to create the VMFS volume it will appear once you rescan the iscsi adapter

Now we can proceed with the array configuration on the SRM, before we start you have to download the appropriate SRA from and install it on the SRM server, so that it can communicate with the array. It is simple configuration and all the steps are captured in the video.

                              Watch at 720p or above to see the text more clear

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